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We opened Lava Rock Restaurant in May, 2010 to cater to
our guests' wishes for a relaxing Zamami experience.

We offer a \500 breakfast service and you can enjoy a buffet-style menu at this nice family restaurant.

The restaurant's outdoor location on the terrace will provide a good memory of your time on Zamami.

One Coin Breakfast        500yen


one coin breakfast on the terrace (please book the night before)

We provide our guests with a different Japanese-style breakfast menu every day.
Morning breakfast on the terrace is beautiful, but in case of rainy weather we can
serve you inside.

Lava Rock BBQ Restaurant

You certainly can be satisfied! All you can eat (only 5 parts of chicken) 

  • adult       2000yen
  • junioor high school student  1700yen
  • elementary school children  1300yen

You grill Japanese and Okinawan Chicken by yourself with handmade sauce and
special salt.

You can enjoy your dinner outside under the starlit sky! (In case of rainy weather
we can serve you inside.)

Set includes
5 parts of chicken(leg, neck, gristle, gizzard, liver and heart )
vegetable, 2 rice balls per person

※If you'd like to eat more vegetable and rice ball, please pay 300yen for vegetable and 150yen for two rice balls.

Ala Carte Menu



  • when you click these pictures, they become bigger size.
DSC_0232.JPG5parts of chicken \2200
DSC_0257.JPGleg  \560
DSC_0251.JPGneck ¥570
DSC_0249.JPGgizzard   \500
DSC_0246.JPGgristle  \480
DSC_0261.JPGliver &heart  \530
DSC_0268.JPG2rice balls  ¥150
DSC_0263.JPGvegetable ¥420
16.pngDraft beer(Orion)  ¥500
DSC_0300.JPGAwamori 180ml  600yen〜

BBQ Rental Set

Just cook and eat! (Delivery and pick-up included)

We started BBQ equipment (includes food) rental for the people who would like
to enjoy BBQ at the campsite and the beach. It's recommended for people who
would like to enjoy original barbecue. (You can book this set from 2 people)
BBQ Rental Set   2000yen per person

Set includes
・short rib        ・pork
・outside skirt     ・sausage
・chicken        ・vegetable
・rice ball      ・dishes, chopsticks, sauce
・charcoal and BBQ equipment